Thai actor-singer Bright Vachirawit Chivaaree on his fashion essentials and fave things to do in Bangkok


With Bangkok being a favourite destination for many Singaporeans, we couldn’t let Bright go without him letting us in on his go-to spots.

For good food, his number one pick would be Talad Rod Fai Train Night Market. “There’s Thai food, international food. You should go and try the many things there.”

For a change in architecture, Bright suggested temple-hopping. “I love the temples because they have very beautiful exteriors.”

And his perfect Saturday night? “I love to hang out with my friends. Maybe visit a jazz club with good music and good food. Or sometimes I’d visit an EDM club too.”

Now you know what you should do on your next visit to the Land of Smiles. 

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Senior editor Serene Seow, Art direction by Chern Ling, Senior producer Lindsay Jialin, Photography by Joel Low, Photography assistance by Eddie Teo. Special thanks to The Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singapore.

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