China says peak COVID-19 infections exceeded 7 million daily, deaths more than 4,000 daily

HONG KONG: China’s daily new COVID-19 infections hit a peak of more than 7 million per day around Dec 22, while deaths reached a daily peak of more than 4,000 on Jan. 4, the country’s Centre for Disease Control and Prevention said on Wednesday (Jan 25).

The figures, published on the centre’s website, come after a prominent government scientist said over the weekend that 80 per cent of China’s 1.4 billion population have already been infected, making the possibility of a big COVID-19 rebound over the next two or three months remote.

“Around Dec 22, 2022, the number of infected people and the number of fever outpatient consultations reached a peak,” it said, with the number of new infections “exceeding 7 million per day and the number of daily fever outpatient consultations peaking at 2.867 million”.

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