CNA Explains: Why durian supply from Malaysia to Singapore has grown this season


Durian consultant Lim Chin Kee said the supply from different states is usually staggered during the whole year, but Johor and Penang durians are now coming on to the market at the same time.

“The harvest is almost happening at the same time, and this is causing a higher volume now,” he said.  

“It is a good time for consumers now.”

Yield for the east coast state of Pahang, which is the second largest producer of durians in Malaysia, has dropped by 50 per cent because of the heavy rains and winds that washed away the flower buds of the trees, said Mr Lim who also runs his own durian farm in Raub. 

He said Johor was not as badly affected by the weather as Pahang, and that most of the durians grown there such as the IOI and kampung varieties were easier to pollinate compared to the Musang King and D24 varieties mainly found in Pahang. 

Nonetheless, durians from Pahang have also started to trickle into the market, he said. 

With many durian processing factories reaching their bottlenecks, Mr Lim said there is a need to dispose of the durians quickly as they are perishable.  

Federal Agricultural Marketing Authority (FAMA) deputy director general (operations) Rashid Bahri said the durian season would typically start in Penang, before moving to Johor and up north towards Pahang, Perak and Kelantan. 

“The season in Pahang has started earlier than expected and coincided with the season in Penang and Johor. 

“This is why there are a lot of fruits. The prices are reasonable and it is the best time for consumers to enjoy durians,” he said.

Johor state executive councillor in-charge of agriculture, agro-based industries and rural development Zahari Sarip noted that there is more durian supply from the state this season compared to last year.

“Some areas in the state experienced durians falling at the same time,” he added.

Mr Zahari, however, said there is no oversupply of durians and that the harvest is expected by the planters.

The southern state is the largest durian producer in the country, said Mr Lim.

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