China’s Fujian reports new COVID-19 cases for fifth day

In an editorial on Wednesday, state tabloid Global Times said “such a big country like China cannot be frightened by a very local outbreak in Fujian”.

Local officials should not casually advocate blanket orders to stay put during the holidays, or turn such advocacy into a requirement, Global Times said.

“We need to gradually enhance the accurate efficiency of our dynamic zero-case route,” the newspaper said.

“We should avoid a complete halt on a large scale. We have to strive for early detection of each outbreak. We also need to make sure that we can contain it faster so that it will cause less harm to the society.”

Including imported cases, China reported 73 new confirmed coronavirus cases for Sep 14, compared with 92 a day earlier, according to the National Health Commission.

China reported 16 new asymptomatic coronavirus cases, which it does not classify as confirmed infections, compared with 20 a day earlier.

No new deaths were reported.

As of Sep 14, mainland China had recorded 95,413 confirmed cases, with the cumulative death toll unchanged at 4,636.

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