Pakistani singer Ali Ashraf drops new track in lockdown

Singer-songwriter Ali Ashraf, best known for the song, ‘Dhotay Raho,’ and his albums ‘Paheli’ (2015) and ‘Kala Peela’ (2017), recently dropped a new single, titled ‘Kuch Na Bol.’

Reportedly, with this track, which he has released on his YouTube channel, Ashraf is venturing into electronic music. It’s an upbeat number, with fun lyrics and a video to match.

The motivation behind the song, says Ashraf, was to “do my bit to help uplift people’s spirits [in times of pandemic], even if just for three minutes. They should be able to get away from their troubles and take in some positivity.”

Ashraf further says that it is “our duty as artists, to help support and give back in whatever way we can to our people during these precarious times.”

The video of ‘Kuch Na Bol’ is produced by Ashraf, while music is by Shamsher.

Up next is another single, titled ‘Labda Phiray,’ and a full-length pop-rock album.

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