World Series Longshot Bets: Smart Money in a Short Season

Now that baseball is officially back, it’s time to chuck out our old full-season projections and, instead, focus on which teams can get off to a hot start, break ahead of the pack early, and hold on for dear life. Bettors must adapt to the new 60-game season as well.

It’s why in a year like 2020, longshots to win the World Series are legitimately in play. The sample of teams ahead in the standings after 60 games paints a drastically different picture than at the end of 162.’s Andrew Simon researched what the postseason field would have looked like had the last eight seasons only amounted to 60 game seasons. He discovered that the past two National League pennant winners would have missed the playoffs, the Dodgers would only have one three of seven NL West Divisions, and the Mariners would have made the postseason THREE TIMES! Seattle last officially made the postseason in 2001.

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