Chargers RB Justin Jackson may be Fantasy Football’s Most Valuable Handcuff

The cat is out of the bag with Austin Ekeler. He peppered in some monster PPR scores throughout 2019 after having the second-most receptions by a RB (92). With Philip Rivers now in Indianapolis and the Chargers having to rely on Tyrod Taylor (or Justin Herbert), I think this pushes the offense to be even more reliant on Ekeler while also striking a better pass/run balance. Los Angeles had the fifth-fewest rushing attempts last season.

As to not show their hand, I expect the Chargers to move around Ekeler and get Justin Jackson on the field as a decoy to hide their intention. Think of it like how the 49ers would use Deebo Samuel as a hybrid RB on end arounds and screens. Ekeler will go out in motion, leaving Jackson in the backfield. Maybe they run a play-action to Jackson, or a short crossing route and hit Ekeler out in the flat.

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