Detroit Pistons: One big question for every team

In the midst of a moribund season, the Pistons began signaling their intentions to enter a different phase of the franchise by trading former No. 9 pick Andre Drummond earlier this year. Drummond’s player option for next season and his so-so partnership with Blake Griffin made his trade a sensible one. But what will Detroit do about Griffin?

Injuries have marred Griffin’s tenure in Detroit from when he arrived three seasons ago. He missed the final eight games of 2018, the year he was acquired. He bounced back to play in 75 games last year, making a big impact before missing the final six games of the regular season and the first two of the playoffs, where Detroit was bounced in the first round. And in 2020, Griffin played in only 18 games due to knee troubles. Griffin has been impactful when healthy, and his 2019 campaign was one of the most well-rounded seasons of his career. But his injury troubles are a real concern, and Detroit seems committed to moving forward with a new core.

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