Bollywood star Salman Khan slams rumours about casting calls

Bollywood actor Salman Khan took to Twitter to warn fans on May 13 about not falling for ‘fake rumours’ about him casting for film productions.

“This is to clarify that neither I nor Salman Khan Films are casting for any film currently. We have not hired any casting agents for any of our future films. Please do not trust any emails or messages received by you for this purpose,” Khan tweeted.

He also said that strict action will be taken against those who are claiming to be his casting agents.

Acting hopefuls often fall for the trap of nefarious casting agents claiming to be attached to big production houses.

“Legal action will be taken if any party is found falsely using SKF or my name in any unauthorised manner,” Khan added.

The star has been a portrait of productivity this quarantine and released his own music single yesterday featuring Jacqueline Fernandez.

He shot, directed and wrote the song.

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