New web series ‘Loser’ spins a compelling tale

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The trailer of upcoming Telugu web series ‘Loser’ certainly piques interest. Centred around three aspiring athletes, this sports drama spans different timelines: Suri Yadav is an air rifle shooter in 2007; Wilson is a former cricketer in 1985; Ruby is a Muslim young girl who aspires to play badminton in 1983.

So what connects these three individuals?

Director Abhilash Reddy with actor Sayaji Shinde on the sets of Loser-1589349008984

Directed by Abhilash Reddy, whose last offering was the web series ‘Ekkadiki Ee Parugu’, ‘Loser’ is a story that came to the filmmaker after listening to a friend’s struggle as an air rifle shooter and his dreams to make it to the nationals.

While the story was conceived by the 28-year-old filmmaker, the screenplay was co-written with Sai Bharadwaj and Shravan Madala.

Telugu comedian Priyadarshi plays Suri Yadav, while award-winning actor Shashank plays Wilson. Meanwhile, Baby Annie of ‘Rajamma’ fame and Kalpika play the younger and older Ruby.

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For their roles, Priyadarshi, Shashank and Baby Annie underwent training in air rifle shooting, cricket and badminton respectively. Shashank also sports two different looks in the story.

“The foremost challenge was the production design,” said Reddy. “Recreating the 80s and 90s was not easy. And, we shot in anamorphic format to lend depth to scenes depicting the 80s. Besides, the three tales are placed in different seasons: the cricketer’s story is set during the rains, the badminton player’s tale is told in winter and the air-rifle shooter’s story happens in the summer.”

Praising Priyadarshi, Reddy said that the actor has done full justice to his character. “With a web series, it is all about connecting the characters with the audience.”

He is grateful to Shashank for supporting him since his short film days. Shashank acted in his first short, ‘Yathartham,’ and in his debut web series, ‘Ekkadiki Ee Parugu.’ “He is a dedicated actor.”

Director Abhilash Reddy with actor Priyadarshi on the sets of Loser-1589349016538

About Baby Annie, Reddy said, “She is quick in understanding what is expected of her and a natural performer who left her co-actors stunned.

The trailer might look controversial but there is more to the role of Ruby’s father. I wanted to convey a message and felt that an actor of Sayaji Shinde calibre can only take this on. He is not just a brilliant actor but a good writer too. I have learnt a good deal from him.”

The supporting cast includes Pavani Gangi Reddy, Marathi actor Sayaji Shinde, Komalee, Satya Krishna and Banerjee. Naresh Ramadurai has handled the camera. Shriram Maddury is the music composer.

‘Loser’ produced by Annapoorna Studios, premieres on Zee5 from May 15.

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