How the Bills are gearing up to take over the AFC East

The wins right now definitely look a little different than they have in previous Mays, when coaches could use the time to see how a new receiver might adapt to his new quarterback, how a new linebacker might be fitting into a new scheme or how an incoming rookie really looks surrounded by NFL-caliber athletes.

But Bills coach Sean McDermott will certainly take what he’s getting. Because what he’s getting, as he sees it, has been pretty damn good.

It’s been one player tending to a friend who was hospitalized one night, then showing up the next morning, on time, to a Zoom meeting. It’s been another player being there every day, even as he helped an ailing family member of his own. It’s been a veteran opening his home to a rookie and having him stay there so he could mentor his younger teammate, and, both guys hope, give him a head start on his career.

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