Luis Suarez handball: Was Uruguay star’s act vs Ghana so bad?

This story is part of our series looking back on the 2010 World Cup and its biggest moments and themes with a decade’s worth of perspective. For more, read about the lasting legacy of the competition in South Africa, the long-tail impact of Frank Lampard’s ghost goal vs. Germany and how France’s debacle planted the seeds for its 2018 success.

It had been a game more notable for its tension and the sense of the history that might be about to be made than for its inherent merits. Sulley Muntari had put Ghana ahead with a 35-yard drive just before halftime–although this being the 2010 World Cup, Fernando Muslera was beaten more by the unpredictable swerve of the Jabulani than a particularly exceptional strike. Diego Forlan had leveled with a second-half free kick, which again owed a lot to the ball changing course unexpectedly. But as the game dragged into extra time, Ghana looked like the stronger side. Could the first African World Cup be crowned by an African side making the semifinals for the first time?

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