Inside the 49ers’ Blueprint to Get Back to the Super Bowl

John Lynch isn’t positive who coined the line, but he sure heard it a lot from his old coach, and Kyle Shanahan’s old boss, Jon Gruden. The ex-Bucs czar said it time and again after his team in Tampa reached the mountaintop 17 years ago, and came back to it plenty after that: You never stay the same.

For Lynch and Shanahan, and the Niners brass, all these years later, those have become words to live by.

Though it could be adapted as a reference to the situation we’re all in as Americans, it really was going to apply to this offseason in San Francisco regardless. It was just three months ago that the Niners were a quarter away from the franchise’s sixth Super Bowl victory, before Hurricane Patrick hit them with Category 5 force, sending them into the offseason with a 31-20 loss and a lot to consider.

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