Kartik Aaryan brings COVID-19 survival stories to his fans

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Kartik Aaryan
Image Credit: Antonin Kélian Kallouche/Gulf News

Bollywood actor Kartik Aaryan has stepped away from fitness videos and meaningless content online to bring stories of coronavirus survivors to his fans.

His YouTube talk show, ‘Koki Poochega’, has seen the actor create awareness about coronavirus by interviewing heroes over Skype.

In the first episode of his talk show, he is seen interviewing Sumiti Singh, one of the first survivors of coronavirus in India, with the actor is heard asking her how she contracted the virus in the first place.

Aaryan has also been urging COVID-19 survivors in India to donate their blood plasma to speed up the recovery of those who continue to battle the pandemic.

Aaryan also shared a picture of Singh donating her plasma, adding: “I urge all survivors to check with their doctors and donate their blood plasma if eligible to help critical patients who are on the road to recovery.

Also a big Thank You Sumiti for spreading awareness.”

Aaryan also plans on interviewing first responders in India, including doctors, nurses, policemen and women and social workers from his home while India remains under lockdown.

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