Fantasy Football impact of Rob Gronkowski trade to Buccaneers

Mike Evans, Chris Godwin, Rob Gronkowski, O.J. Howard, Cameron Brate, Ronald Jones and Tampa Bay’s first-round pick (if it’s on offense) will all be at Tom Brady’s disposal this season. The only thing that could stop this offense is COVID-19 delaying the season.

You read one of those names correctly: Gronkowski. New England is sending the lovable TE and a seventh-rounder to Tampa Bay for a fourth-round pick. This potential deal was first rumored about two weeks ago by @LeroyInsider on Twitter.

It’s easy to get very excited about the potential here. Brady-to-Gronk, need I say more? Well, in that long list of playmakers to start the article, you’ll notice there are two All-Pro caliber WRs there. That’s something the Patriots never really had. Julian Edelman is good, maybe even great at times, but there’s too many mouths to feed here even if the Buccaneers decide to trade Howard.

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