Show Us a Time Before the Pandemic, When Life Felt Normal

It’s only been a month since Covid-19 was declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization, but it’s already difficult to imagine there was a time before the coronavirus upended life around the world. A time when we were at restaurants and bars. When we cheered on sports teams and experienced live-performance art. When video calls were the exception, not the norm.

In the course of just a few weeks, hundreds of thousands got sick, half of the world’s population has gone on lockdown and millions of Americans have filed for jobless benefits.

Our lives before the coronavirus can feel far away right now, but that distance can make otherwise small moments feel weighty and important.

So let’s remember those moments. Look back through your camera roll and share a photo or video that captures one of the last moments you felt like life was normal.

It can be one that’s particularly memorable, or simply mundane. Maybe it captured a trip to a museum, a dinner with friends, an event at your child’s school or a moment shared with your family.

Along with the photo or video, include a brief reflection on what that moment means to you now in the form below.

We may publish your response and a Times reporter or editor may contact you to hear more about your story. We may feature your response on the @nytimes Instagram.

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