Julian Edelman: Patriots WR will not be prosecuted after January arrest

Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman will not be prosecuted after being cited for misdemeanor vandalism in January, according to the Los Angeles County district attorney’s office.

Edelman was arrested in Los Angeles on January 11 after he was seen jumping on the hood of another person’s Mercedes-Benz. At the time, the jumping, reports TMZ Sports, caused unspecified damage to the car’s hood.

It was “apparent” to Los Angeles police that Edelman had been drinking in the lead up to Saturday’s alleged arrest, per reports at the time. 

The vehicle’s owner told the LA County district attorney’s office that he had been fully compensated for the repair costs to his vehicle, per ESPN’s Mike Reiss. In January, Sports Illustrated legal analyst Michael McCann noted that misdemeanor vandalism offenses usually indicate that damage is expected to be under $400.

According to an official filing from the Los Angeles district attorney’s office, “the owner of the vehicle has informed the DA’s Office that he does not want the arrestee to be prosecuted for the proposed vandalism charge. The arrestee has no known criminal history. Case filing declined in the interests of justice.”

The 33-year-old receiver was in Los Angeles one week after the Patriots lost to the Titans in the AFC wild card. 

Edelman was scheduled to appear in Los Angeles County Superior Court on April 13.

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