NFL Mailbag: 2020 Draft, Coronavirus, Booth Umpire

We’re a little over two weeks from Draft Day, and based on the questions I’ve gotten, it sure seems like you guys want to talk football. So let’s get right to those questions, and talk football in this week’s mailbag…

From sweethorn (@TablesTwoturn): All three guys are there, (CeeDee) Lamb, (Jerry) Jeudy and (Tristan) Wirfs … who do the Jets take?

Sweethorn, I mentioned on Monday that I believe teams looking to be more risk-averse will skew toward big men in this year’s draft. But there’s more to me thinking Wirfs would be the pick in this scenario for the Jets. One, it’s how GM Joe Douglas believes you build, as evidenced by the turnover on the offensive line this offseason. Two, the scarcity of tackles is much greater than that of receivers this year. Three, it’s a bigger need.

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