Modi Denies India Is Targeting Muslims. We Found a Different Reality.

SCRIPT_200303_3pm Satellite imagery of detention center Title: The Dispatch THIS DETENTION CENTER IN INDIA’S ASSAM STATE IS SET TO OPEN IN A FEW MONTHS… BUT INDIA’S PRIME MINISTER NARENDRA MODI SAYS IT DOESN’T EVEN EXIST. Modi archive – 4:50 Those who are still delusional, the rumors spread by Congress and urban naxals about detention centers are a complete lie. 5:06 These ideas are anti-national, aimed at destroying the country. 5:15 It’s a lie, it’s a lie, it’s a lie. SO WE TRAVELED TO THE REMOTE NORTHEAST CORNER OF INDIA, TO SEE IT FOR OURSELVES. THIS COMPOUND WILL HOUSE UP TO 3000 DETAINEES. PEOPLE THE COURTS HAVE DECLARED FOREIGNERS. Scene of workers showing Karan around Karan: Why are the walls so high? Worker: So people can’t escape (there are a few versions of these, so we can see which works better). BUT HERE’S THE THING, MOST OF THE PEOPLE LIKELY TO FILL THESE CELLS ARE NOT FOREIGNERS AT ALL … THEY JUST HAPPEN TO BE POOR AND MANY OF THEM, MUSLIM. AND LIVING IN A STATE THAT’S LEADING MODI’S PUSH TO MAKE INDIA A HINDU NATION. Title card: Assam: Making Muslims Stateless Scene w Monavra and her children MONAVRA KHATUN RECENTLY LEARNED THAT SHE IS ONE OF ALMOST 2 MILLION PEOPLE LEFT OFF A ROSTER OF CITIZENS HERE. Monavra showing her documents DESPITE BEING BORN AND RAISED IN INDIA, SHE NOW MUST PROVE SHE’S LEGAL, OR RISK BEING SENT TO DETENTION. Monavra byte – 35:42 Muslims are harassed by this government and Muslims are made enemies of the state.” OR 40:10 BJP government is a Hindu-centric. That is the reason why it is discriminating against the Muslims and keep targeting Muslims. They are looking for an opportunity to punish us. Move to scene of people waiting outside FTs SOON, SHE’LL BE CALLED TO A COURT LIKE THIS ONE… IT’S CALLED A FOREIGNERS TRIBUNAL. RIGHT NOW, THESE TRIBUNALS ARE ONLY IN ASSAM, BUT MODI’S PARTY HOPES TO OPEN MORE ACROSS THE COUNTRY. THE PEOPLE WAITING HERE HAVE BEEN MARKED AS SUSPECTED FOREIGNERS. THEY’RE BRINGING THEIR DOCUMENTS TO A GOVERNMENT APPOINTED OFFICIAL WHO THEN, WILL BASICALLY DECIDE THEIR FATE. Move to rajkumari scene FOR ALMOST 2 YEARS, MAMONI RAJKUMARI WAS ONE OF THOSE OFFICIALS. SHE RULED WHO WAS AN INDIAN CITIZEN, AND WHO WAS A FOREIGNER. UNTIL THERE WAS A PROBLEM. NOW, FOR THE FIRST TIME, SHE’S DECIDED TO TALK. MAMONI 01:18:19 There is no reason for my termination.// They just gave me the notice and told me to quit immediately. SHE ISSUED DECISIONS IN OVER 600 CASES. OF THOSE, ABOUT 100 FAILED TO PROVE THEIR CITIZENSHIP. SOME WERE MUSLIM AND SOME, HINDU. 01:02:43 The government never said directly to declare only Muslims as foreigners. Government won’t ever say this directly. // 57:00 So what happened was, they keep saying that foreigner tribunals have been set up to declare more foreigners. We have been asked to catch more foreigners, So we have to catch foreigners, but notices have been served to the Muslims only. AFTER TALKING TO RAJKUMARI WE FOUND FOUR OTHER TRIBUNAL MEMBERS WHO ACCUSED THE STATE OF TARGETING MUSLIMS. ONLY ONE MORE WOULD APPEAR ON CAMERA, FOR FEAR OF REPRISAL. Move to kartik roy scene, with him pointing at his own name and explaining ROY…01:55:14This is the assessment report. This is the assessment report. My name is serial number 1. Kartik Chandra Roy. Total case disposal since beginning that is since August 10, 2015 380. 380. Percentage of disposal … 25.92 and total of foreigners declared five. Percentage of foreigners declared 1.32 … Not satisfactory … May be terminated. // 02:01:16 Why my performance is not good? Because percentage of declaration is less. // KARTIK ROY SAYS HE ONLY STARTED TO FACE PRESSURE AFTER MODI’S PARTY, THE BJP, TOOK CONTROL IN ASSAM. ROY: 16:44 Yes, that happens after Modi government. We were appointed by the Congress government. That time it was very nice and peaceful. After that this situation arises. That we have to declare. Particularly the Muslim people. Mostly the foreigners who have been declared are Muslims. Hindus are there but very less. Very less. WHEN HE DIDN’T DECLARE MORE MUSLIMS AS FOREIGNERS, HE WAS FIRED. Intro Asbahar Ali and fam… BUT HOW CAN A CITIZEN WITH LEGAL DOCUMENTS BE DEEMED ILLEGAL? TAKE AZBAHAR ALI. SMALL CLERICAL ERRORS RUINED HIS LIFE. MOINUL: 31:31 This is from 1985 when my father became an eligible voter. My father’s name is spelled wrong here as Ajahar Ali. // 36:45 These are not our mistakes. These are mistakes made by government officials. They make spelling mistakes and one person becomes two. Innocent people are framed like that. Ali 07:42 I had all the papers. Despite that they said that I am not my father’s son.// 5:02 “i was deemed a doubtful voter. I appeared before the court. ALI LOST HIS CASE AT A FOREIGNERS TRIBUNAL AND WENT TO JAIL FOR FOUR YEARS. DURING THAT TIME, HIS FAMILY SOLD THEIR LAND TO PAY LEGAL FEES, AND HIS WIFE COMMITTED SUICIDE. ASBAHAR ALI:17:13 I feel very angry. My father was born here, my ancestors were here.I’m being punished at the whim of the government. [show them] and now it has destroyed my family. ALI WAS RELEASED ON BAIL. BUT HE’S STILL NOT IN THE CLEAR. NOW HE NEEDS TO GET HIS NAME ON THE CITIZENSHIP LIST AS IT TURNS OUT, THAT LIST IS RIDDLED WITH ERRORS. 06:46 There is a mistake in my name, in my father’s name. DAS: 01:43 I have been there for three years eleven months, in the detention camp [or] 16:05 I was there at the detention centre for three years and eleven months. THIS MAN, DUKHDAM DAS, IS ALSO NOT ON THE LIST. HIS CASE IS PRETTY MUCH IDENTICAL TO ALI’S .. EXCEPT: HE’S HINDU. AND AS FAR AS MODI AND HIS PARTY ARE CONCERNED, THAT JUST MEANS — INDIAN. Archival sequence — the citizenship amendment act, the citizenship amendment act… AND IN DECEMBER, THE GOVERNMENT PASSED A LAW THAT PROMISES INDIAN CITIZENSHIP TO HINDUS FROM NEIGHBORING MUSLIM COUNTRIES. As part of archival sequence, land on gov defending CAA IN ASSAM, WHAT THAT MEANS IS THAT HINDUS LEFT OFF THE BOTCHED LIST WILL LIKELY HAVE THEIR RIGHTS RESTORED. DAS – 24:16 I feel happy that the government has proposed such a law. Since we are poor people that is going to save us a lot of trouble. (he says this many times, so we have lots of options) ACROSS THE COUNTRY, CRITICS SEE THE NEW LAW AS THE LATEST EXAMPLE OF MODI’S ANTI-MUSLIM AGENDA. See protests in archive RECENT TENSIONS LED TO RIOTS IN DELHI THAT KILLED TK. Archive of someone saying how this law is anti-muslim and modi is to blame, or how modi is making this country for hindus only BUT MODI HAS NOT BACKED DOWN. Modi archive feb 16, 2020: 00:45 Whether its the decision to remove article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir or the Citizenship Amendment Act, for years, the country had been waiting for these decisions. 1:00 For the country’s welfare, these decisions were necessary and despite all the various pressures, we stand on these decisions and will continue to stand. Go to asbahar ali’s village again IN FACT, HIS GOVERNMENT HAS PROMISED TO MAKE A COUNTRY-WIDE REGISTRY OF CITIZENS JUST LIKE THE ONE IN ASSAM. IRONICALLY, ASBAHAR ALI AND HIS SON TELLS US SOMETHING ONLY A CITIZEN COULD: Asbahr: We have given vote to the Modi government. Moinul: People did vote for him. But we never imagined that our people will be taken to detention camp after we voted him to power. END TITLE CARD 1: THE NEW YORK TIMES REACHED OUT TO THE ASSAM HOME MINISTER AND CHIEF OF POLICE, AS WELL AS THE CENTRAL GOVERNMENT IN DELHI. END TITLE CARD 2: NO ONE WOULD SPEAK TO US.

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