March Madness predictions: Simulations for Final Four, title winner

The Final Four would have taken place Saturday evening if not for the NCAA tournament getting canceled amid the coronavirus pandemic. 

But in an effort to try and replicate the usual madness of March, Wolverine Studios ran a simulation to try and predict who would have been playing late Saturday afternoon and Monday evening. 

In an attempt to capture the volatility of the tournament, they ran just one simulation, thereby trying to replicate the uncertainty that the tournament actually has. Their bracket saw three double-digit seeds make the Sweet 16 (No. 12 Rutgers, No. 10 Xavier and No. 13 New Mexico State). And it had two No. 1 seeds (Gonzaga and Kansas) make the Final Four alongside two No. 3 seeds (Michigan State and Duke). The Blue Devils and Spartans would have advanced to the title game, per the simulation, with Duke taking home the title. 

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