Voiding UEFA domestic league seasons the worst option among choices

The breadth, depth and complexity of the coronavirus pandemic seems to evolve and expand daily, as the crisis careens from turning point to turning point in matters of survival and, in less crucial ways, in its impact on the institutions of daily life.

And so Thursday seemed like another turning point for world soccer, which appears to be facing a period of increasing upheaval despite the almost total lack of games (you do you, Belarus).

It was just Wednesday that UEFA canceled all June internationals (Euro 2020 was already pushed back a year) as part of a focused effort to finish the 2019-20 club season. Any related deadlines “are postponed until further notice,” the governing body added, thereby giving domestic leagues—as well as the Champions League and Europa League—ample leeway in these unprecedented times. Finding a safe and fair way to complete the competitions already underway appeared to be the priority.

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