MLB in 2020s: Who would you build a team around?

As we’ve written in this space before, baseball is a young man’s game more than ever. Players are coming up from the minors sooner and they’re coming up as better players than the twentysomething (or teenagers) of eras past. 

So with a new decade in front of us, which major league player would you want to build you team of the 2020s around?

Tom Verducci: Juan Soto

Soto will be 30 at the end of the next 10 seasons, so you’re getting the best of his career. You might find somebody with a higher ceiling, but he’s the safest bet to give you steady, elite returns over the next decade. Why? Hitters this good this young are not flukes. Only four hitters had a higher OPS through age 20 than Soto: Ted Williams, Mel Ott, Jimmie Foxx and Alex Rodriguez. Soto is just ahead of Frank Robinson, Mike Trout and Mickey Mantle. I’d say the next decade for those seven worked out okay. 

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