How NFL Coaches Are Preparing For the Season Amid Coronavirus

A few hours before we talked on Wednesday afternoon, Falcons coach Dan Quinn called a noon staff meeting. During these strange days, he’s routinely scheduled those to start and end each week, to be done from everyone’s homes, but he threw this one in because he had a guest speaker lined up he wanted his coaches to hear from.

Trev Moawad is a mental conditioning coach that Quinn’s gotten to know through a common friend, Alabama coach Nick Saban, and he brought a very specific message.

Over the Zoom meeting app, Moawad went through themes from his new book, It Takes What It Takes, in emphasizing the power in staying “neutral” through adversity. He told the Falcons coaches that minimizing negativity is way more powerful than just trying to be positive. And he said that even though it is difficult to stay positive now, the coaches could control what they watch and listen to, and who they talk to, and there’s power in that, too.

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