‘Comedy Adda’ returns with a season two full of laughs

Comedy Adda
From left to right: Rushdi, Ali Sufyan, Salman Qureshi, Danish Ali and Asad Khan.
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Is it too soon to laugh at the coronavirus pandemic, COVID-19? If you ask UAE-based comics, the answer is a resounding ‘no’. Asad Raza Khan, a Dubai-based artiste who’s also the producer of season two of TV show Comedy Adda, says joking about something enhances its importance. “[It] also eliminates any stigma or fear you have of the topic. The best jokes, I believe, [are those] that take something awful and make it silly,” he says.

Khan, who is also the host of the show, explains this edition of the segment which has a “Stay Home Watch Party” theme, is a 10-episode weekly special that’s out every week on Saturday at 7pm UAE time.

The show also given the UAE-based comedian hope. “This [making fun of something] not only helps people get over an issue, but also opens up ease of dialogue, communication, and a strength to tackle it. Look at the memes and jokes going around currently on the virus, it gives people some refuge and hope that everything will be all right. Bring on the memes.”

So how is the show – a combination of stand-up, improv and all around hilarity in Hindi and Urdu- different from it’s first iteration that featured UAE-based Pakistani comics? “The first season was us trying to figure out what works and what does not. It was a like net-practice before the game. This season is bigger, better, brighter, and bolder,” says Khan.

“Not only do we have a set, but we also managed to bag the best of local and international talent.”

So who’s on stage? “The show that is produced completely locally will have stars like Salman [Qureshi], Rushdi [Rafeek], Ali Sufyan, and Alina as consistent cast members through out the show. We also will have special celebrity guests including internet phenomenon Danish Ali (premiere), world’s funniest man runner up Saad Haroon, Bollywood and Pakistani actress Meera Jee, comedy legend Shakeel Siddiqui, and our all-round artist (rapper/comedian) Ali Gul Pir,” says Khan.

“The guests are all top players in the comedy and entertainment circuit in Pakistan. It was an honor to host them on the show. We [Director MK Maroof and I] still cannot believe how they agreed,” he adds.

So get ready for a punchline that aims to go viral.

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A new episode of Comedy Adda airs every saturday at 7pm UAE time on ARY Digital Middle East and is simultaneously released on YouTube and VIU app.

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