College football coaches adjust to home life under coronavirus

Mike Locksley first saw the dishwasher as a foreign object, dropped into his kitchen by an alien being. He barely recognized it, so he certainly didn’t know how to use it. After all, Locksley grew up in a humble inner city home in Washington, D.C. To him, a dishwasher had 10 fingers, two palms and a soapy sponge.

Now, 40 years later amid a pandemic that has shut down sports, he’s alone in his home, quarantined by himself while his wife is stuck in Florida, and he’s having to use, for the first time ever, a dishwasher. The 50-year-old Locksley opens it (that’s the easy part), loads dishes into it (again, easy), finds the dish soap (not so hard either) and then applies said soap into the… the… oh dear. “I didn’t know where the soap thing goes in the dishwasher,” laughs Locksley, the second-year Maryland head coach. “I had to call my wife a couple of times and FaceTime her. ‘Where does it go?’”

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