Coronavirus: Prithviraj stuck in Jordan, seeks evacuation help

The actor’s post adds to director Blessy’s plea about wanting to return to Kerala soon.

Malayalam superstar Prithviraj, who is currently in Jordan to film portions of his new film ‘Aadujeevitham’ but got stranded due to the coronavirus lockdown, took to his Instagram to inform everyone that he is hoping the his team of 58 will return to India soon. His lengthy post was also plea to bring focus to his crew members who are waiting to return to Kerala safely.

The team, led by director Blessy, were in Jordon in March when the coronavirus lockdown came into effect. Initially, they had decided to continue filming until the second week of April, but their permission to shoot got revoked on March 27 once the local authorities became more stringent with the lockdown.

“We have been told that an immediate permission for shoot to resume is unlikely due to the situation and hence, our next best option would be to return to India at the first available opportunity,” said Prithviraj.

The actor maintained that his plea is not to make his case a priority, but an update on their current situation. The crew is now lodged at a resort.

“We completely understand that given the circumstances around the world, our team of 58 might not be the biggest concern of authorities back home and rightfully so. But we also felt that it was our duty to let all concerned know about the situation and keep them updated,” said Prithviraj.

The actor, who is one of the most bankable stars in Malayalam, also informed his fans through his latest post that they are being periodically checked for the coronavirus strain.

The actor’s post adds to director Blessy’s plea about wanting to return to Kerala soon.

‘Aadujeevitham’ is one of Prithviraj’s most ambitious ventures. The actor famously lost 30kg for this film, which documents the hardy tale of a migrant labourer.


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