Coronavirus hits close to home for Ole Miss football player

Eli Johnson is living under the belief that he is infected with coronavirus. He’s got good reasons for that assumption.

His mother has coronavirus.

And his father has coronavirus too.

“I visited the team doctor. The working theory is I most likely have it,” says Johnson, a 6′ 1″, 300-pound fifth-year senior at Ole Miss who started at center last season. “We’ve been ordered into isolation.”

Like much of America, Johnson is in quarantine, but unlike many in this country, he’s in quarantine with a corona patient. Ashely Johnson, his mother, is battling a mild fever. Meanwhile, her husband, David, was admitted Sunday into a local hospital. While Eli believes his dad is in stable condition, David Johnson has one of the more severe cases, and doctors are assisting his breathing. “You follow the virus for three or four weeks and you never think you’d be in the statistics and then it’s like ‘Damn,’” Eli says Tuesday. “It’s important people know it can happen to anyone.”

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