NFL News: Top 10 story lines this offseason

We are just a few days into the official 2020 league year, and already it’s the strangest NFL offseason since—maybe ever. While some major questions have been answered (Tom Brady, in case you haven’t heard, is a Tampa Bay Buccaneer), there is still plenty to sort out between now and the opening kickoff of the NFL’s 101st season. Here are the NFL’s 10 biggest story lines between now and Week 1 . . .

1) How will the offseason be impacted by the coronavirus?

Obviously, the coronavirus pandemic is the biggest story in the world right now, in and out of sports—standard caveats apply that its effect on the NFL pales in comparison to its effect on other aspects of life. That said, we are seeing that the cancellation of sporting events is one of the many issues hurting people economically, from concession workers to venues to athletes themselves, so we can’t ignore the effect on the sports world entirely.

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