Winners of DeAndre Hopkins, DeForest Buckner Trades; NFL Notes

Sometimes I wonder if the league should just hire someone to swoop in at the end of any big decision-making process to ask, “Are we doing the right thing?” I think it would have saved them a lot of trouble the last few years…

• And while we’re there, I couldn’t find a single team official—not one—who thought the league did the right thing going forward with free agency on Monday. The work continued, of course, if it was a little disjointed. One team held a morning conference call with its football staffers to get its ducks in a row ahead of the tampering period opening. Another conducted some decision-making processes via video conference. To those I talked to, the whole thing felt weird and, as one NFC coach put it “totally unnecessary” to start free agency under these circumstances. But since it happened, we’re going to cover it.

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