Ryan Tannehill returns to Titans, Tom Brady remains free agent

In the moments after the new collective bargaining agreement was ratified on Sunday we learned a few things about the Tennessee Titans, Tom Brady and the natural order of things in the NFL.

A few quick thoughts….

• The question on everyone’s mind shouldn’t be why the Titans chose Ryan Tannehill over Tom Brady. Given the theatrics surrounding Brady’s free agency and his desire to enjoy a robust market or create the desire that he has a robust market to spite the perpetually under appreciative Patriots, there’s no telling what role Mike Vrabel and Tennessee actually played here. Perhaps Brady was an option. Perhaps Philip Rivers was an option, too. But the speed with which this got done—announced just hours after the completion of the new collective bargaining agreement—suggests that it was not some desperate Hail Mary after being left at the altar. The Titans like the way that Tannehill fits into their offense and how he has elevated the role of a traditional bootleg passer in a wide zone rushing scheme. Tannehill was fantastic on play action during the AFC championship game run but…he was also one of the most aggressive quarterbacks in football and the most accurate quarterback above expected completion percentage. He also seemed to maximize the Titans’ young star receivers in a way Marcus Mariota could not.

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