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The man had two heart attacks onboard the vessel and was evacuated and admitted to a hospital on Feb. 29 in critical condition, according to a statement from the Health City Cayman Islands Hospital. He developed a dry cough six days later but had no other coronavirus symptoms.

A test taken on Monday came back positive for the coronavirus three days later — and a day before the passengers who disembarked in San Juan were confirmed to have the virus. His death was caused by pneumonia, “with acute respiratory distress,” from the coronavirus disease, according to a doctor quoted in a news report.

The hospital has quarantined members of its staff and their families, and has been closed to new patients for two weeks, the statement said. The man’s wife was quarantined.

Despite the positive tests on the Italian passengers on Friday, the cruise line began stricter protocols, such as having dinner served by employees, only this weekend, other passengers said.

The cruise line said it increased sanitary protocols late Saturday afternoon after receiving confirmation from the Puerto Rican government about the Italian couple hospitalized there.

“We confirm no guests or crew with health issues,” the company said in an email to The New York Times. It did not respond this weekend to specific requests for information about the man in the Cayman Islands.


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