Coronavirus: Naomi Campbell wears full hazmat suit, face mask and gloves during flight

Naomi Campbell
Naomi Campbell wears a hazmat suit
Image Credit: Instagram

Supermodel Naomi Campbell recently posted several images of herself boarding a plane at Los Angeles International Airport on Tuesday while wearing a hazmat suit, a pair of goggles, a face mask and pink latex gloves and people are loving it.

Campbell has long been known for staying germ-free while traveling and she has posted videos in the past doing that as well. Last year, she shared a clip of her intense pre-flight ritual, which involved wiping down everything close to her airplane seat with anti-bacterial wipes.

The 49-year-old, in one photo is seen posing at Tom Bradley International Terminal with her suitcase, while another shows her on-board a plane wearing a cape draped over the protective suit, with one latex-covered hand clutching her mobile phone to her ear and the other gripping on to a transparent plastic bag. In another post, she shared a picture of her wearing a hazmat suit in a car.

The caption reads: “Safety first. Next level.’

Cambell also wrote in the caption that the “full video” on YouTube is soon to come.

The model’s pictures were a hit online with people commenting and sharing the images.

User @RobbinSimmons7 wrote: “Deadly worldwide pandemic…but make it fashion? Seriously though, if you’ve seen Naomi Campbell’s social media, with decades of air travel her disinfecting game is strong.”

Another Twitter user, @KanaanPitan, posted: “Nobody’s more prepared for this virus than Naomi Campbell.”

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