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That’s so fetch! See the ‘Mean Girls’ cast reunite

Mean Girls
Lindsay Lohan, Amanda Seyfried, Lacey Chabert and Rachel McAdams in ‘Mean Girls’
Image Credit: Paramount

Looks like they’re still trying to make fetch happen. Actresses Lindsay Lohan, Rachel McAdams and Tina Fey were part of a ‘Mean Girls’ reunion over video chat this weekend, encouraging Americans to go out and vote in the election on November 3.

‘Mean Girls’ Day takes place every day on October 3, exactly one month prior to the election, and the cast took full advantage of this to push a good cause. But they also spent their time together reminiscing about the fan-favourite film, which released in 2004 and became a pop culture phenomena, with its dark humour lending to its apparently endless quotability.

‘Mean Girls’ follows new girl Cady (Lohan) who comes from out of the continent and enrolls into a public high school, where her friends, Janis and Damien, warn her against the popular girls — aka the Plastics — Regina George (McAdams), Karen Smith (Amanda Seyfried) and Gretchen (Lacey Chabert).

Fey, Lohan and MccAdams were joined by Seyfried, Chabert, Tim Meadows, Ana Gasteyer and more on the 16th anniversary video call, moderated by Katie Couric. (Amy Poehler, who plays Regina George’s mother in the film, was notably missing. But Couric wore a pink “Juicy” sweatshirt similar to the character’s, joking that she was filling in for Poehler.)

Lohan said the last time the entire cast came together like that was at the film’s premiere. “I really wanted to play Regina [in the beginning], because I had just done a movie, ’Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen’, where I was kind of a weirdo in it,” said Lohan. “I was like, ‘Oh, but I want to do a movie where I get to be pretty and dress pretty!’ The more that I read the script, I started to really relate to Katie and her sensitivity and the trapeze of emotions that she goes through.”

Canadian actress McAdams joined the call separately, due to being tied up in a road trip. Asked about her memories of playing popular girl Regina, McAdams laughed. “It was cathartic. Not being exactly Queen B in high school, so to later go back to those memories and channel them through this character was therapeutic,” said McAdams.

Fey, who appears in the film as Sharon Norbury, also wrote and produced the film. She revealed the origin of the word ‘fetch’ from the movie, which appeared in quotes like “that’s so fetch” and “stop trying to make fetch happen.”

Mean Girls Reunion
Mean Girls Reunion
Image Credit: Instagram

“I did some research and I sat down with some neighbourhood teens and I was asking them about slang,” recalled Fey. “I started thinking, ‘Whatever I put in the movie now, by the time the movie gets made, it’ll be over.’ So we’ll just make up something fake. [We came up with] ‘fetch’, from the word fetching, appealing. So, I just made it up,” revealed Fey.

Fey also called upon fans of the ‘Mean Girls’ movie to help them decide the cast of the upcoming film adaptation of the ‘Mean Girls’ Broadway musical. They can submit their dream casting on meangirlsbroadway.com.

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