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India: Man posts #CoupleChallenge selfie with Alexandra Daddario, ‘Baywatch’ star’s epic reaction wins the internet

Man tweets photoshopped selfie with Alexandra Daddario
Man tweets photoshopped selfie with Alexandra Daddario. Here’s how she reacted…
Image Credit: Twitter/ Akash Barnabas

Not ready to be left behind in the viral #CoupleChallenge, a 24-year-old man from the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh shared a photo-shopped selfie of himself with American actress Alexandra Daddario on Twitter this weekend. But, the man named Akash Barnabas was not expecting what happened next.

On Thursday, Barnabas posted the now-viral selfie with the hashtag #couplechallenge, and captioned it: “Haters will say this is photo-shopped.”

The digitally-altered selfie showed a close up of Barnabas’ face covered in a protective mask. He had placed a picture of the Baywatch star in the middle of a paddy field in the background.

To the young fan’s surprise, on September 24, the Hollywood actress not just retweeted the photo, she even played along.

“This was such a fun weekend,” the 34-year-old Los Angeles-based actress commented.

The social media post garnered thousands of likes and set off a chain of hilarious reactions.

Many congratulated Barnabas for his newfound online fame.

Tweep @parody_memer posted: “@BarnabasAkash Bro, you are in headlines. Alexandra is love.”

Amazed, Barnabas took to Twitter to reply to Daddario. @BarnabasAkash posted: “@AADaddario, I can’t believe this.”

Speaking to the Indian news agency Press Trust of India, Akash Barnabas admitted that he is a fan of Daddario and that was the reason why he posted the picture.

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