Brad Pitt, Harry Styles film won’t happen, say reps

It was the news that broke the internet — twice. When casting information got leaked online by a distributor that Harry Styles and Brad Pitt might star in ‘Faster, Cheaper, Better’ together, social media went wild.

But, it quickly became clear that this was fake news. Sources close to the actors cramped our style by denying that the pair would star in any such movie, leaving fans down in the pits.

The now-debunked news first appeared on the website for Vertice Cine, which acquired partial rights to the project at the Cannes Film Market. They uploaded a synopsis and images of the two actors. The film is about the role of artificial intelligence and robots in replacing the human workforce.

Fans — including a few famous faces — felt let down by the fact that the film wouldn’t actually star Pitt, 56, and Styles, 26, who made his major acting debut in Christopher Nolan’s ‘Dunkirk’ in 2017.

‘Maze Runner’ actor Dylan O’Brien retweeted a news article debunking the casting news, writing: “2020 is [expletive] relentless.”

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