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Pay $30 for ‘Mulan’ on Disney+ in ‘one-off’ strategy shift

Walt Disney Co. is putting its unreleased film “Mulan” — the live-action remake of the animated hit — on its new Disney+ streaming service September 4 for a fee of about $30.

Disney has already gone straight to Disney+ with a release earlier this year that was originally intended for theaters, “Artemis Fowl.”

But “Mulan” is the type of big-ticket release that Disney is known for unleashing on the world with a thunderous marketing blitz.

If that type of film can go straight to Disney+, perhaps anything could.

It’s also the first time Disney+ will offer a movie for a fee beyond the monthly price of the service. If you’re Apple Inc., Comcast Corp. or any of the dozens of other companies that offers pay-per-view digital rentals, you’re watching that move very carefully – Disney just eliminated the middleman.

Mulan will also run in theaters where it’s allowed under Covid-19 restrictions. On the earnings call, Chief Executive Officer Bob Chapek called the “Mulan” streaming release a “one-off,” not an overall shift in strategy.

Disney is also launching a new Star-branded TV streaming service internationally, with content from ABC, Freeform and other networks.

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