Sports Gambling 101: What Are Quarter and Halftime Bets?

There can be hundreds of betting options attached to any single competition. Quarter and halftime betting odds are prop wagering bets and they are offered in moneyline, game total and point spread formats. Both options are offered in competitions that play out over four periods like the NFL and NBA. First and second half betting is available on matches that consist of two halves and are common in soccer. Wagers can be placed prior to the match or while the action plays out live.

What are the Most Common Quarter Betting Sports?

Football and basketball reign supreme when it comes to quarter betting options. Prior to each quarter, bettors can wager on reduced game total odds plus which side will win each frame with reduced point spreads and moneylines. Bettors are reminded that quarter odds are usually not exactly one quarter of the full game betting lines. The Steelers vs. Browns NFL contest below shows what the first quarter odds might look like compared to the full game odds.

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