NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs Betting: Odds, Predictions, Best Bets

One of the best markets to gain an edge on in NHL playoff betting is wagering on the outcome of each individual series. There are plenty of upsets in the postseason, and seeding isn’t necessarily an excellent barometer of which team will advance. With the prolonged time off due to the COVID-19 pandemic as well as the expansion of the “playoffs” to a 24-team format, expect more upsets than ever seen in the history of the sport.

The biggest difference that bettors will need to factor into betting models is that these games will be played in empty arenas in one of two host cities without fans. Noisy fans are not the only factor that affects home-ice advantage, as rest and travel also play major roles in NHL postseason success. However, it should be noted that teams like the Vegas Golden Knights will lose out on a major advantage playing without their raucous fan base at T-Mobile Arena.

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