NHL return: Phase 2 of protocol doesn’t leave anything to chance

It’s perfectly reasonable to question the wisdom of forging ahead with a hockey season during a global pandemic. Having more than 500 players converge in two hub cities in front of no fans to play a two-month Stanley Cup tournament in the dead of summer? You’d be excused for wondering whether or not that is actually worth all the trouble.

Look, I’m not here to argue what level of moral ground the NHL occupies in pushing so hard to complete the 2019-20 campaign. And both they and the players are relying on the input from some of the world’s foremost experts in putting their return-to-play protocol in place. Truth be told, I’m still not convinced they can pull it off. But what I do know is that the league has worked in concert with the NHL Players’ Association like it never, ever has before, it has asked the right questions of the right people and it has done its homework.

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