NFL VP Troy Vincent: Pass interference replay ‘failed miserably’

NFL executive vice president of football operations Troy Vincent said on Monday the league’s pass-interference replay system, “failed miserably,” in 2019. 

Pass interference replay was introduced into the NFL after a missed call in the 2018 NFC Championship Game between the Saints and Rams. But the implementation of PI replay wasn’t well-received, and just 13 of 81 pass-interference challenges were successful in 2019. 

“We saw, a year ago, when [the pass interference rule] played out, starting with myself, what we put in place last year … Those outcomes were not good for professional football,” Vincent told NBC Sports’ Peter King. “Because we didn’t do the proper due diligence, it played out publicly. The last thing people should be talking about is the way the game is officiated. They [officials] should be faceless objects, managing and facilitating game flow.”

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