Elon Musk and Grimes have changed their baby’s name — slightly

Elon Musk and his sometime girlfriend, the singer Grimes, have somewhat changed the unusual name of their new baby. But they did not make the pronunciation of the offbeat name any clearer.

The Tesla head and the Canadian singer earlier this month released photos of their son, revealing that his futuristic name was X Æ A-12. The name immediately sparked speculation on social media on how it was to be pronounced. The parents later made news by offering conflicting pronunciations.

In a post on Grimes’ Instagram Sunday, a fan asked if the baby’s name had been changed because of Californian law, which stipulates that only alphabetic letters can be used in a newborn’s name.

“X Æ A-Xii,” Grimes wrote in response, changing the numbers to Roman numerals. She added in the comments, “looks better tbh.”

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