Sports Gambling 101: What Are Three-Way Odds?

How do Three-Way and Two-Way Betting Odds Differ?

Simply put, three-way betting odds offer three wagering options that focus on regulation time results only. They differ from two-way odds as a TIE is added as a third betting choice. Three-way lines are offered in most competitions where a draw is a possible outcome. They are available on a variety of sports as moneyline, game total and point spread wagering choices.

Three-way moneylines and point spreads offer HOME – TIE – VISITOR as choices while game total odds offer OVER – TIE – UNDER options. Unlike two-way wagers, which are graded after a competition is fully complete, three-way bets are graded at the end of regulation time. If a match goes into extra time, players who bet on a TIE will cash winning tickets.

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