You can criticize Yannick Ngakoue, but you’d be mostly wrong

It all started when Yannick Ngakoue, currently languishing in franchise-tag limbo as the Jaguars search for a trade partner, let it all out on Twitter and, in an extra bit of aggressiveness, tagged senior VP Tony Khan and broke out some uncalled-for insults. To sum it up, Ngakoue: Hurry up and trade me you melvins! Khan: Pipe down so we can trade you and by the way you’re submarining your trade value you goober!

Most folks chimed in with some variation of “he put him in a body bag!” because it’s understood that you only tweet phrases that have been tweeted four billion times before. Some claimed Khan had taken the high road by offering robotic gratitude for Ngakoue’s contributions to the franchise before politely suggesting he stop tweeting. However, never in the history of anything has a tweet been involved in the high road. (In fact, had Khan taken the actual high road and ignored Ngakoue’s tweet, he would have continued on with his life, as would the rest of the world, and I wouldn’t be sitting here on a Monday night pecking out this lukewarm take.)

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