‘Balcony Stories’ to air personal tales of life during COVID-19

Balcony Stories
Balcony Stories
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Tales such as the famed bagpiper of Dubai Marina and the jazz pianist from Abu Dhabi, who have delighted hundreds during the national sterilisation drive in the UAE, would be ideal picks for a new short-form TV series that celebrates ‘Balcony Stories’ emerging during the global pandemic.

The series, which premieres on April 22 on the Paramount Channel and Comedy Central across the Middle East, aims to “celebrate the positive and creative ways people are experiencing this complicated situation,” ViacomCBS International Studios (VIS) said in a statement.

The short-form series leverages user-generated content from both, the audience and talent.

Being isolated at home has turned into something real for the majority of people around the world and through these personal tales of triumph of the human spirit, such moments will be shared across to viewers.

“During these months, our eyes have opened up as well as our imagination, our sense of humour, and the artist within us all,” said Raffaele Annecchino, President of ViacomCBS Networks EMEAA, in a statement. “Sharing the fun and emotional stories that we are all living can underline even more the fact that we are still all together, reflecting the empathy, creativity, and positive vibes from around the world. With ‘Balcony Stories’, we want to celebrate this positive attitude.”

The short-form series will also be available on digital platforms across Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Asia, offering a positive look into lockdown life, with balconies transforming into windows that look into everyone’s homes during this unprecedented time.

The content will be localised into 27 languages and will air across 130 countries and 100 channels, with four daily episodes airing in the region from Sunday to Thursday. A selection of the best content from the week will also be aired every Saturday in an extended edition (with a repeat on Fridays).

Produced in collaboration with Fremantle, from April 22, users will be also able to submit their own videos and clips by uploading them to balconystories.tv. It is also open to viewers in the UAE and the Middle East to share their personal balcony stories with the world.

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