How Many Games Do Packers, Vikings, Bears, Lions Win in 2020?

The Packers are favorites to go back-to-back as NFC North champions. While the odds may change with the season still more than five months away, here is a breakdown of the current offers for bettors.

Betting 101:

If you think Aaron Rodgers and the Packers are going to win 11 or more games, you should bet the “Over” on this prop. Conversely, if you think Green Bay significantly regresses from last season, when they posted a 13-3 record, “Under” is the best bet. If the Packers win exactly 10 games, this wager will be graded as a “Push” and original stakes are refunded. The numbers in brackets are moneyline odds. Bettors need to wager $125 to earn a $100 profit if under is the winning side. A $100 wager returns a $105 profit if the Packers win total goes over the number.

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