Coronavirus: Akshay Kumar reprimands those flouting lockdown

Akshay Kumar
Akshay Kumar
Image Credit: Instagram/akshaykumar

Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar on Wednesday reprimanded all those who were openly flouting coronavirus lockdown rules and being cavalier about staying indoors to prevent the virus spread.

“Have you guys lost your mind? Who here doesn’t understand the meaning of a lockdown? Don’t hit the streets like some brave warrior? Your bravery will end once you and your family ends up in a hospital. No body will be left behind alive,” chided Kumar in a terse video posted on his Twitter account.

Kumar, who is know for his action, adrenaline-charged roles in Hindi cinema in films like ‘Khiladi’ series, also let his fans in on a secret.

“I hang from buildings and helicopters in my films, but I can honestly tell you that your lives are hanging in balance today. This is not something to be taken lightly. It’s no joke. Be the hero in your family, by just staying at home. Till government tells you, stay inside your homes” said Kumar with folded hands.

Now is not the time to play an off-screen hero and stop your antics, he added.

“This war against this virus is all about sitting at home and staying indoors. Don’t be a fool, be a khiladi [player] in this war,” said Kumar.

Kumar’s plea for everyone to stay indoors is a follow-up to Sunday’s Janata Curfew or public curfew that was observed on March 22 as millions in India self-quarantined themselves in their homes after Indian Prime Minister Nodi appeal to his citizens.

While it was largely a success, videos of citizens being carried away by the collective clapping and hitting the streets together proved to be a set-back

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