New Los Angeles Rams logo show reveals tend to be overcomplicated

God bless the Rams, who went ahead with their plans to unveil new uniforms to an anxious and cynical public on Monday. We’re a fragile lot waiting out the results of a terrifying pandemic, having spent days cooped up without something to make fun of together on the internet. In theory, a corporation testing out its new branding efforts at this time and place was akin to hurling a bucket of dead flies into the frog tank.

It might make someone in our position say that the new “LA” logo looks more like the truckside design of a food distribution and restaurant smallwares company. Or, like the signage on a flashy Florida-based urology clinic. Or, that the curved Ram horns appear to be half moons stolen off the “Coexist” bumper sticker on your aunt’s Ford Fiesta.

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