Sonam Kapoor keeps humour in check over ‘Janata Curfew’ video

Bollywood actress Sonam Kapoor proved on Sunday that humour isn’t dead in the grim times of coronavirus as she lauded Indian comedian Saloni Gaur’s satirical video ‘Soman Kapoor on Janata Curfew’ which ridiculed the actress’ accent and her posh, privileged upbringing.

“This is too hilarious. Please watch her page for some quarantine respite. I think @RheaKapoor [Sonam’s sister] imitates my accent much better,” said Kapoor Ahuja as clap-back.

In the brief video, Gaur takes a playful swipe at Kapoor’s posh existence and her cocooned, elite existence.

“Bonjour everyone, I am so excited about my first Janata Curfew, that I have washed my hair with L’Oreal … Honestly, I was so worried when the quarantine thing was announced, but Anu told me to count all the pairs of shoes I have … I am still counting … Then Namo asked us to do the thali thing, I had to look up what it was and I had to then find the kitchen in my house,” said Gaur in a fake accent.

Kapoor Ahuja, who is in self-isolation now and famously came to defence of Coronavirus-riddled Kanika Kapoor who was allegedly cavalier about social distancing, re-tweeted Gaur’s comic video and labelled it quarantine respite.

“Thank you @sonamkapoor for being such a sport. I look forward to learn [ing] the perfect accent from @RheaKapoor,”said Gaur.

Their mutual-admiration exchange is now garnering a barrage of clicks and adoration.

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