Watch: Baba Sehgal drops song to battle coronavirus

Singer Baba Sehgal
Image Credit: IANS

With an attempt to spread information in his usual fun manner, rapper and musician Baba Sehgal (remenber him) recently released his new song ‘Namaste’ which is based on ways to deal with the novel coronavirus.

Sehgal, who is known for is humourous songs, started ‘Namaste’ by speaking about how and why he chose to make a song on the topic.

“Firstly, I thought of not doing any song on this issue since it is quite a sensitive topic, but when I saw Prince Charles doing Namaste on TV, I was taken aback,” he said in the video.

“I was very happy, because Namaste comes from a culture. So guys let’s do the Namaste and beat this corona [expletive],” he added before finally kick-starting the song.

The lyrics of the song are based on different ways to deal with COVID-19 and how people around the globe are adopting Indian salutation ‘Namaste’ to greet each other amid the outbreak of the highly contagious virus.

Through his song, Sehgal asks people to not panic and stop travelling to shoot down the virus.

Moving further into the song, the singer takes on people who are not taking coronavirus seriously and asks them to not go to crowded places.

The ultimate drop of the song, is ‘Haath jodo jodo karo tum namaste’ which urges people to adopt the practise of joining hands for greeting each other and adopt social distancing efficiently.

The 54-year-old singer ended the song by humming, “India, China, London, Italy to America, Corona se bachne ka Indian Tareeka, Namaste! (The Indian way to beat corona, Namaste).”

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