NFL QB Carousel: Brady, Rivers, Bridgewater Find New Homes

Wrapping up the second day of the tampering period, with the opening of the league year (when all these deals become official) less than 24 hours away.

• I’ve been asked a bunch why the Colts opted to go with Philip Rivers, with Tom Brady sitting out there on the market. Here’s my feeling on it: GM Chris Ballard has been building for three years, two with Frank Reich as coach, and they’ve made a ton of progress. That progress took a big hit last summer when Andrew Luck retired. That didn’t change the fact that they’ve done a ton of good work in fixing the offensive line, and bringing young, athletic difference-makers to the defense. But what it does mean is they may need a year or two to sort their quarterback position out. So if you’re in that spot, do you blow the whole plan up for a year or two of Tom Brady? Or do you bring in a player, in Philip Rivers, that you have a ton of background with to try and keep the train on the tracks and buy time to find a long-term answer over the next few years. It’s not hard to understand why you’d choose the latter path, which is what the Colts are doing. (Though it’s fair to say it’ll be harder to find the long-term answer this year without a first-round pick, which is why Colts fans might want to bone up on Trevor Lawrence, Justin Fields and the rest of the 2021 draft class.)

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